Spring Into Action- Use these Tips for a Healthy Pup

Spring has officially begun! Along with the warmer weather, or higher humidity like us here in Florida, come the seasonal threats that all pet parents should be prepared for. Thankfully, here at FairyTail Pet Care we are already ahead of you. Here are some tips that can help keep your pet’s health in check.

Out With The Old And In With The New

One of the most popular things to do in a household during this time of year is “spring cleaning.” While this may be a mentally (and eventually physically) satisfying event to take part in, keep in mind what products you are using to clean your home. Some of these products may contain toxic ingredients that can make your animals (and you) very ill if not used correctly. It is imperative that you store and place these cleaners in a place where they can not be accessed by anyone or any pet that should not use them. Also, remember to leave windows and doors open to allow for proper ventilation to avoid ingesting in an abundance of chemicals.

What Will Bee Will Bee

With all the beautiful flowers blooming, bees will be more present around gardens in back and front yards. Do you know if your animal is allergic to bees? Some dogs can be allergic to bee stings just as humans can. If there are multiple stings, regardless of having an allergy or not, it can cause several serious issues. Take precaution by being aware and supervising at all times if necessary. Check around your home for any possible signs of beehives and have them properly removed if you find any. It is also a good idea to talk to your vet about what you can do, should your dog happen to be stung by a bee.

Flea, Tick, And Heart Worm Free

Perhaps one of the peskiest threats of the season are fleas, ticks, and heartworm. With the weather becoming warmer, the mosquitoes are getting comfortable and have started to come out again after our two week winter here in Florida. When you live in an area that is prevalent with mosquitoes you must prepare before it is too late. Heartworm can be transmitted through their bites, and the medicine to prevent is much less than the medicine to cure. Be responsible in getting the right preventative for your animal. Talk to your vet about the options available to you and your fur baby.


Don’t Over Do It

Although most of us appreciate the change in season, it’s important to remember that there was a period of time off from all the activity it provides. You and your pooch probably aren’t used to taking that 5 mile hike you did last August. Give yourself and your best buddy some time to acclimate to the world that has been reintroduced to you both. Try starting off with a mile hike and make sure you pack plenty of fluids for yourselves. It is easy to get dehydrated, so take precautions.  Limit your exercise on hot days and know your personal threshold.

Update Vaccinations

Because this time of year provides us with great weather, we become more active. It is also a time that there are more interactions with one another in public places, such as the dog beach, dog park, or even just the neighborhood pack walk. With these interactions come exposures to diseases and illness that you do not want your dog to contract. There have been spikes in kennel cough in veterinary offices during the spring because of the dog on dog contact that occurs during springtime. Make sure your pup is up to date on all of his/her shots in order to prevent this from happening and to ensure that they can participate in all that they can!


With these tips put into use you and your best fur friend will be able to enjoy all that spring has to offer. You can take things at your own pace and be prepared for what you can be ready for regarding fleas, ticks, and heart worm and keeping your pup up to date. Keep your home a safe environment by doing regular checks outside to make sure your dog can roam freely and safely. Most importantly, don’t forget to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine!

Happy Spring!