Meet the Crazy Dog Ladies of FairyTail Pet Care


Kelly + Ilana


You will often find us finishing each other's sentences. Best friends since we were 13, we met in middle school and instantly bonded over our two favorite things: music and animals

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The idea for our company came to us while working for a Tampa-based hotel. We soon began to see a need in the wedding industry that spoke to us; couples wanted to include their pets in their special day but it was just too stressful.

Our pets are our family and we couldn't imagine them missing out on such a special day. We have a deep affection for animals & knew this was our calling!


We are creative, hard-working and have a passion for treating your pet like they are our own. This along with our hospitality background creates a professional and personalized experience for both our human and furry clients.

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Lead Wedding Coordinator

Taylor understands how important it is to be flexible & attentive on wedding days. She works diligently to ensure our client's pets are happy & comfortable on the big day so that they can rest easy knowing their babies are in good hands.

Taylor has a gorgeous husky, Zeppelin and a sweet Aussie, Rae, plus two adorable kitties, Meelo & Tobi. She lives in Seminole Heights with her husband & when she is not pet sitting you can find her at the beach, exploring downtown or relaxing at home with the fur family.

Meet the Dogs of FairyTail Pet Care


Cooper, Rowdie & Grizzie can actually be found in our logo as silhouettes!

These three are a huge part of our inspiration for starting this business.



The sweetest & most awkward pup you will ever meet. He is extremely emotional and begs for constant affection. My boyfriend and I ask ourselves all of the time "Is he a baby because we baby him, or do we baby him because he is a baby?"

We adopted Grizzie & Cooper (brothers) together in a small town called Chipley, FL. About a week after we brought them home, Grizzie became terribly sick. We discovered that he had Parvo Virus and was given a 50/50 chance at survival. The little baby was quarantined at the vet for over a week, but came out a SURVIVOR! Maybe this has something to do with why he is such a baby!

He wears his emotions on his sleeve and kicks his legs like a crazy kangaroo when he is excited or when he gets in trouble. Seriously, I have never seen a dog kick his legs like this, it's hilarious! He hates to be left alone and will always accept belly rubs. He's been known to fake an injury or sickness to get out of trouble or receive attention. He can sense stress like no other dog I've ever met and will do whatever he can to make you happy if he feels you need him.

Grizzie's favorite things include:

happy people, barking, swimming, playing with his brothers, stretching out on ottomans, being smiled at, chasing butterflies, cuddling & constant affection, nibbling, squirrel hunts, biting nails, belly rubs and being loved on.

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Rowdie Barkman

Handsome, confident, intelligent, & everyone's best friend. I adopted Rowdie sophomore year of college. I have always had a dog in my life and when I moved away from home and spent a year living in a dorm, I was going crazy without one! To me, a house is not a home without a dog and so I found myself on Craigslist and came across puppies up for adoption in a farm town called Monticello. My boyfriend and I drove out to the farm where their dog, a Yellow Lab, had gotten pregnant from a neighborhood Boston Terrier. Yes, he is half Lab, half Boston Terrier. Making for the sweetest, smartest and goofiest pup you'll ever meet. Of course, you know the story - Rowdie absolutely chose us. 

He lived the college lifestyle growing up. He stayed up late & slept in late, partied all night & hung out on campus. He was never alone and made a ton of new friends. He potty trained himself in 1 day and taught himself new tricks all the time.  I could go on forever about this dog because I am unashamedly obsessed with everything about him & he is my BFF.

Rowdie's favorite things include:

anything with taste, being told he's a good boy, getting Rowdie, looking into your soul, butt scratchies, chillen on the armrest of a couch, going on walks, cuddling with his stuffed animals, sun bathing, and being a pillow.



He is a very special pup, with lots of unique quirks. He is scared of hats, tall trees, anything that is out of it's place, loud noises (fireworks are the worst!), and pretty much anyone he doesn't know. Once you make it into this guys inner circle, you're in for a treat! He gives the best hugs, makes the funniest howling noises, and greets you with a toy EVERY SINGLE TIME. Coop loved growing up with his brother Grizz, but mostly enjoyed learning life lessons from brother Rowdie. He was (and still is) the master of the puppy dog eyes and he is constantly in search of something to rest his heavy head on. 

While his puppy hood was all fun and games, at around 2 years old Cooper developed severe allergies to grass, chicken, beef, wheat, and basically everything you can think of. He would lick himself raw from being so itchy and was losing hair all over his body. We spent months of dr visits and trial and error until we FINALLY figured out a system that worked for my poor little dude.

Adopting Coop was the best decision I've ever made, and even though my fiance didn't EXACTLY know that I would be coming home with a dog that fateful day, he is truly our very best friend.

Cooper's favorite things include:

time on the couch with mom & dad, playing fetch for 26 hours straight, going on walks and barking his face off, playing hide-and-seek, eating vegan food, sleeping completely sprawled out and back/weird underarm scratchies.