November Pet of the Month

We have a few very special pups taking the title of this month's Pets of the Month... meet Winston, Baby Bear and Lily!


We're all working hard so that our dogs can live a better life, but this trio's dog Mom does everything possible to make sure her pup's live the BEST life! We've spent a lot of time with these fluffs snuggling on the couch, catching some rays in their backyard, playing fetch at the dog park & even helping to include them in a few of their Mom's photo shoots! They've stolen our hearts and have no doubt they will steal yours, as well!

We'll start with Lily, the most recent addition to the pack. She was rescued from a puppy mill by Suncoast Animal League and found her forever home. We've watched this little girl grow so much in the past year and every day she finds a little more confidence in herself and trust in others. She created a safe place in her Mom's closet and was very nervous anytime she was taken away from it, even to go potty outside! Now, she greets us at the door, plays her heart out at the park and enjoys spending time out back! So amazing to see what a difference a loving home can make!!

The other girl in this fur family is Baby Bear! She is smart, sweet and definitely independent! She loves exploring, playing fetch and cuddling up at night. She LOVES the nightly trips to the neighborhood dog park with her siblings & is always the first one in line for the car. Once we get there, she's ready to run the entire perimeter of the park - always looking over her shoulder in hopes that her little brother will chase her!

Last, but definitely not least is the baby of the family, Winston. This guy is definitely a momma's boy and we know when we watch these pups it's Winston that always craves a little extra love & affection! He follows you from room to room, always stays very close to his sister, BB, & once you take a seat on the couch or curl up in bed he is right beside you ready for snuggles! He was recently diagnosed with Glaucoma, but like we said, his Momma LOVES him and he is receiving the absolute best care possible! Despite a necessary surgery and some pain and discomfort, this guy's spirits are still so high; it's truly inspiring!