Nova 535 Wedding with Minnie & Winnie | St Petersburg, FL

Meet Minnie & Winnie...


Say hello to Minnie & Winnie, the adorable, heart warming furbabies of Mr. & Mrs. Liza! Jenny & Tomas love these guys more than anything in the world - and couldn't imagine having their special day at Nova 535 without them in it! We had so much fun getting to know these two, and watching how they put a smile on the face of every single person we came in contact with! Take a look at their very important roles in mom and dad's big day - all photos courtesy of the wonderful Life Long Studios!

For the record we are 99% convinced that they've done modeling in the past... look at those poses!

Minnie & Winnie played their part flawlessly: from escorting the flower girl down the aisle, to sitting perfectly still for photos with the biggest smiles.

Congratulations again to the amazing couple, and thanks for letting us take care of sweet Minnie & Winnie on such a wonderful day!

If you haven't seen the GoPro video from Minnie & Winnie's FairyTail Wedding, check it out below to get an even better look into this beautiful wedding - all from their furry point of view!