Some Luck for the Pups

It is always good to see a happy ending! I am sure many of you have heard about the dogs that were rescued from the meat farm in Korea. Fourteen of the rescued pups were brought to Tampa Bay’s Humane Society so that they could get the care and help that they need to find their furever homes. To bring some light into your life, we chose to follow up on some of the pups and see how they have progressed since their arrival.



After a short amount of time, it was discovered that Rosa, who is a Korean Jindo,  was pregnant. Rosa was very afraid of humans and would hide in the corner. After some time, the volunteers were able to get her to warm up a bit. Although there were not enormous leaps of improvement, there was enough to give hope that all would be okay. Miss Rosa gave birth to 6 babies, 5 males and 1 female. She still can be very nervous, but she and her pups are safe. Rosa will need a family with a lot of patience and love to help her along the way.



Banjo was first of the day to go to his furever home! Just two months after arriving, this sweet spirit was able to open his heart up and give life a second chance. Banjo was the first of three dogs to be adopted that day, along with Alphie and Annie. Banjo’s owner came 3 hours early just to make sure everything was situated properly for him. Here is a picture of Banjo with his new owner!       

Lucy & Reggie


These two lucky pups were the first of 14 to go to their new happy homes. The two of them had a little bit of an easier time adjusting than some of the other Korean rescues. A volunteer and a staff member of Tampa Bay’s Humane Society adopted them, which were said to have bonded with the two quickly. There is a lot of positivity surrounding the two and their placements, as their owners have committed to the training and special care that they will require.

It is so wonderful to see an animal that has been through such torture and cruelty, live in a home filled with peace and solitude! This is Lucy in her new home.




It is always a rewarding feeling when you can see a dog that has been through so much, make steps in the right direction. Tommy wanted nothing to do with any human interaction when he first arrived with all of the other Korean meat trade pups. According to volunteers and staff they would have to leave his cage open so he would come out on his own. Although he didn’t mind playing with other dogs in the yard, after almost a month of love, Tommy was curious and felt safe enough to sniff a friendly hand! This is HUGE! Tommy will have long road ahead, but just as there is with Rosa, there is hope.



Harry is a perfect example of the progress that can be made through some love, dedication, and patience. The staff members explain how in just a week and a half Harry went from a scared and confused dog, to being excited to see his human friends. In that short amount of time, he now understands that humans will treat him nicely here.

There are still Korean pups that will need a forever home, like Harry.

Each dog will be available at a time when he/she is ready based on their needs and training. If you or someone you know is interesting in rescuing an animal in need, please reach out to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay or your local rescue. Many animals need to know that we care and we do not want to hurt but heal their hearts. If you are unable to adopt, there are still many ways to contribute. Look into volunteering your time or supplies here.


Monthly Mutt Madness

Wags & Wiggles for this month's featured Mutts;

Brody, Charlie, Brock, Hope & Stella!

All the wonderful mutts we feature are or were available to foster/adopt at Suncoast Animal League, the INCREDIBLE animal rescue we volunteer at weekly. If you're interested in learning more about this organization, fostering or adopting, or giving back please check them out as their commitment to the animals they rescue is amazing.