Adopt Don't Shop - Rescue Stories *Part 2*

Every year, we host our Adopt Don’t Shop contest where we reward one lucky couple with a FREE FairyTail Wedding for rescuing their pet(s)!

We had some pretty amazing entries this year & wanted to share their stories with you. Here is Part 2 of all of the rescue pups who entered!




“Our eight year old puppy brings so much joy to everyone he meets.

He has been the best (wo)man’s best friend that g girl could ask for.”




“Never has there ever been a pair more fitting for the phrase “who rescue who?”

It’s been one year since we saved Gracie & one year since she saved my fiance.

Their bond makes me okay with being the third wheel.”




“Getting rescued was only the beginning for Fitz…

Before she was even five months old she adopted and returned twice.

But as they say… third time is a charm!

She is our best friend.”

Moose & Stella



“A few days after moving to Orlando, we drove to the animal shelter "‘just to look’…

We fell in love with a big brown dog (Moose) who they warned us had been returned multiple times.

They practically gave him to us for free.

He was wild & out of control. We spent months working with him and giving him the stability he needed.

…and he became the perfect dog!”




“I’d seen just about every dog at this adoption ay and was feeling defeated as I turned to leave.

I pulled out my keys and barely caught this dog from the corner of my eye, sitting still in a pen full of puppies.

I immediately turned around to go back in and meet her.

We sat down and she walked right into my lap and plopped down.

In that moment I knew definitively: She was mine and I was her.

On paper, I may have rescued her. But the truth is, she rescued me.”




“We share a special kind of love that no one can match.”

Seamus & Jolene

“Adopting these two was life changing.

I appreciate them so much, along with the rescue organizations that made it possible for me to adopt these beautiful souls…

Home At Last Dog Rescue and Pennsylvania SPCA.”




“To know Ripley, is to love her.

We adopted her from Furever Bully Love Rescue last October.

She had been dropped off at the Humane Society with a broken jaw, broke teeth and her back covered in burns…

We met her and knew right away she was the perfection addition to our house.

She is the sweetest, most gentle dog I’ve ever met!

& finally… our 2019 Adopt Don’t Shop winner:


Theodore loves toys, swimming and smiling!

He was rescued two years ago from Last Chance Animal Rescue



Our 2019 contest may be over, but we’d still love to share your pet’s rescue story! Fill out the submission form below for a chance for your rescue pet to be featured on our Instagram Stories.

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