Adopt Dont Shop - Rescue Stories *Part 1*

Every year, we host our Adopt Don’t Shop contest where we reward one lucky couple with a FREE FairyTail Wedding for rescuing their pet(s)!

We had some pretty amazing entries this year & wanted to share their stories with you.

Stay tuned for Part 2!




“Six years ago I was living in L.A & scrolling through Facebook on a redeye flight.

Someone posted from the San Bernardino shelter that this three year old pup who was found in a landfill was going to be put down.

I immediately messaged my mom to call the shelter and hold her until I could get there the next morning.

The next day I drove two hours to get her and it was by far the best decision of my life.

Every day since the Ellie has been by my side. She is my world.”




“Our neighbors were no longer able to keep Zeta. They were trying to avoid placing her in a shelter so asked if we would watch her temporarily"

Look at that face… how could we say no?

Immediately, Zeta became a part of us. She became a part of who we are, and we fell in love with this sweet, sassy, energetic girl.

We knew she found her forever home.”




“A dog sitter walked into the barbershop my dad was at - asking if anyone wanted this dog so she could avoid taking him to the shelter

The previous owners were splitting up and couldn’t keep him.

My dad called me immediately and we took him home.

Fast forward to today, and he is our absolute best friend.”




“Mav was rescued six years ago from Suncoast Animal League.

He is a big baby who loves to be in our laps, at our feet, or on the couch with us!

We couldn’t be happier with him as our family. Life wouldn’t be the same without our big goof!”




“Rocky is our official ‘Best Boy’ and was rescued twelve years ago from the SPCA”

Baby Girl



“We rescued Baby Girl ten and a half years ago.

She was found on the side of a highway in Richmond, Virginia.

She is the light of our lives.

We couldn’t ask for a more loyal, goofy, endearing or trusting doggo!””

Stella & Rocky



“Stella was rescued from the SPCA. Her litter was found on the side of the road.

Rocky’s original dad had terminal cancer. His wish was for a puppy…

Once he passed, they couldn’t keep him because he didn’t get along with their family dog.

So we took him in! Stella & Rocky are best friends & both sleep in our bed!:




“We found Drake thanks to Mastiff Rescue of Florida.

His family loved him very much, but they were a military family and were sent to Germany.

They were so upset they couldn’t take him and wanted a loving home for him to spend his golden years.

Drake’s best friend was their five year old son. We still FaceTime them so they can see and talk to Drake.”

Our 2019 contest may be over, but we’d still love to share your pet’s rescue story! Fill out the submission form below for a chance for your rescue pet to be featured on our Instagram Stories.

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