FairyTail Pet CARES - Wesley's Rescue Story


Wesley was in a temporary foster home for the last couple of weeks. We heard he was the goodest boy! He is now back at the shelter and looking for his new foster or forever home. Could it be you?!


Every FairyTail Wedding helps a shelter pet find their forever home.

Our most recent efforts are geared towards one inspiring pup & the help he needed to be ready for adoption.

This is a rescue story of a pup named Wesley. He was recently brought into Suncoast Animal League, a no-kill shelter, with a long list of medical issues.

We have taken 10% of proceeds from our second quarter’s FairyTail Weddings & donated this towards Wesley’s medical bills.

We will continue to support Wesley on his journey to find his forever home.

Check back for updates & if you know anyone that may be interested in this sweet boy, please let us know!


Words from Suncoast Animal League’s founder:

A FairyTail of Two Dogs

On Wednesday, June 12th, we were contacted by Pasco County Animal Services concerning two dogs that were found on Harmony Oaks Drive in Wesley Chapel. The dogs suffered from facial and neck wounds and scars. Some of the marks were old scars. Some were fairly fresh. One of the dogs, a male we have since named Wesley, has a disfigured face, mostly on his muzzle. The other, a female we have named Kensley, has part of her nose torn away, among other scarring.

After arriving at Suncoast Animal League, we immediately sent the pair to Paws and Claws Animal Medical Center. After visiting Dr. Culpepper, she determined that Kensley is about 2-3 years old. She 39 lbs and is positive with non-contagious demodex mange. Besides the scarring on her neck, she has the tip of her tongue missing and her nose tissue is damaged from her injuries. She also has swollen lymph nodes.

Wesley is also approximately 2-3 years old. He weighs 52 lbs and is a little malnourished. Wesley also tested positive for non-contagious demodex mange and he’s positive for heartworms. Wesley also has swollen lymph nodes and a low-grade heart murmur. His nostrils are no longer working the way they should due to the injuries suffered over time. Part of his bottom jaw is missing and much of the tissue has receded. His face is severely scarred, but he doesn't appear to be in any pain. He is eating well, but because of the deformity of his lower jaw, he is a bit of a sloppy drinker. We think it makes him even more cute! ❤️

Another observation that Dr. Culpepper has made, as well as our staff and dog care volunteers, is that both dogs are unbelievably sweet and hold no ill will toward people or other dogs. What caused these injuries? We will never know. The important part is that their souls are perfectly and very happily intact. They are both as sweet as pie and so deserving of love in new forever homes.

And are you ready for some more wonderfully great news?? Wesley has a sponsor for his medical bills, which are currently at $774. The owners of FairyTail Pet Care, who are also Suncoast Animal League dog care volunteers, have pledged to cover ALL of Wesley’s expenses as he finishes healing. Thank you Ilana and Kelly for sponsoring Wesley. He’s a good boy who deserves to be happy and healthy, and you are helping us make that happen.

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If you are interested in fostering or adopting Wesley or Kensley (they are not yet neutered or spayed), please stop by our shelter to meet them or email us for more info.

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Suncoast Animal League

1030 Pennsylvania Ave., Palm Harbor 

Open: Wed. - Fri. 11-4 / Sat. 11-5



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