Rialto Theatre Wedding with Oliver - Tampa, FL


Oliver is a tiny pup with a big personality!

Or as his Dad says, he is “so much love in such a small package”!

We helped to include this sweet boy in his parent’s wedding at the Rialto Theatre. We picked him up from his house early on in the day so we could have a little adventure before going to see Mom & Dad while they were each still getting ready.

Oliver was carried down the aisle by a member of the bridal party where he really worked those puppy dog eyes!

We asked the Groom a few questions about including Oliver in the wedding day:


Why did you include your dogs in your wedding?

We wanted to include Oliver since he has been with us almost since the very beginning of Lauren and I being together. He’s more then a dog to us he is our Son and we love him more then words can describe!


What is the story of how your dogs became a part of the family?

Lauren had been wanting to adopt a dog for some time as she had one growing up and so she was always on the lookout to rescue one. On a trip she took to Gainesville to visit her parents she went to petsmart and by chance there was a rescue there with Oliver in one of the crates. She got to hold him for a bit and afterwards just fell in love with him and she told me about the whole thing. She couldn’t stop thinking about him and decided to put in an application for adoption. The rest is history! She was approved by his rescue and she adopted Oliver :)


Did you incorporate your dogs into any other details on your wedding day?

We only had Oliver in the actual ceremony and photo taking but we did include him in our engagement announcement.


All dogs are the best dogs, but tell us something that makes your dogs special?

What makes Oliver special is he has so much love in such a small package.

He will love on you with kisses and affection like you cannot imagine. He always wants to be around us and our family and he loves snuggles more then anyone we know. He truly is the sweetest pup there is and we are so grateful we have him in our life. Also because of him we decided to rescue another puppy to save another life and so a couple months after our wedding we adopted Oliver’s now little brother Sarge :)


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your dogs?

Oliver and all rescue dogs are the best there are! Don’t shop, adopt!!


Photographer // Angelika Krug Photography

Planner // Jennifer Matteo Event Planning

Venue // Rialto Theatre

A portion of this FairyTail Wedding was donated to Helping Hands Pet Rescue