Pebble Hill Plantation Wedding with Sadie - Thomasville, GA


If you ask her parents they’ll tell you their family wouldn’t be complete without Sadie in it.

It only made sense that she was a part of the wedding day! We had quite the adventure at Pebble Hill Plantation, exploring & running around with Sadie before the ceremony.

Sadie was not only a big part of the day, but the couple incorporated her personality into a few creative details of the wedding, as well.

We asked the Bride a few questions about including Sadie in the wedding day:


Why did you include your dogs in your wedding?

Jay and I had been together six years when we got Sadie. We both agree, it wasn't until she came into our lives that our little family felt complete.

As cliche as it sounds, she was the missing puzzle piece to our love story. Jay proposed in the fall of the same year that we got Sadie. My second or third question after (obviously) saying YES, was did you tell Sadie about this?!

Sadie brought Jay and I closer than we ever thought we could be. That’s why it wouldn’t make sense for her not be there as our family became one.


What is the story of how your dogs became a part of the family?

Jay and I were returning home to Atlanta on a Sunday when I convinced him that we needed to make a detour to Alabama and meet this puppy that I had been cyber stalking for a whole 24 hours. A part of me felt that the dog was not in the best situation, and that she needed a caring home soon (whether it was us or someone else).

The moment I saw her, there was no way I was leaving without her.

This was Jay’s first experience with a dog ever, so to say he was a little apprehensive was a gross understatement. We drove back to Atlanta with Sadie sound asleep in my lap for the entire two hour ride.

As soon as I got her into my apartment, I scrambled to get her in the bathtub and wash all of the fleas and ticks that covered this sweet little girl. The whole time she just stared up and smiled at me. At the time we got her, I was working overnights. Jay was immediately thrown into single puppy parenting at night, while I took care of her during the day. After a week of sleepless nights, outrageous vet bills, and the best puppy breath and snuggles ever - there was no going back.

Sadie had chosen us as her parents, and we couldn’t be more deliriously happy.


Did you incorporate your dogs into any other details on your wedding day?

Sadie got ready with the bridal wedding party the morning of the wedding. FairyTail Pet Care arrived before lunch, and took her to explore the property and practice her walk (as the flower girl). Sadie walked with a bridesmaid during the bridal party processional, and later returned during the ceremony to bring Jay and I the rings.

Our signature cocktail was “The Sadie”, a sweet and spicy apple cider, rum, and prosecco drink. We also included a dog biscuit bar at the reception where we made dog cookies that had ‘Jay & Brittany’ printed on them. There were doggie to go bags that had Sadie’s face printed on them with the saying “from our pup to yours”.


All dogs are the best dogs, but tell us something that makes your dogs special?

Sadie has a way of making everyone feel loved. She is just pure joy, untainted and innocent. The staff at her doggie daycare always tells me that Sadie is the girl that has never had a bad day. I think this couldn’t be more true, and I have never have a bad day when she’s around.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your dogs?

Having Sadie at our wedding and investing in FairyTail Pet Care was the best decision we made throughout the entire wedding process. Our friends and family had not stopped telling us how impressed they were with FairyTail PetCare.

Ilana and Rita felt like family instantly with the way they cared for Sadie. I never worried one bit about her through the day. And as you can tell by her video, Sadie obviously enjoyed her time with Ilana and Rita.


Photographer // Madison Carter Photography

Planner // Carol & Co.

Venue // Pebble Hill Plantation

A portion of this FairyTail Wedding was donated to Adopt A Golden Atlanta