Nova 535 Wedding with Rocky - St Petersburg, FL


There was never a doubt that Rocky would be a part of his parent’s wedding day.

In fact, this couple had this in mind the entire time they were planning their wedding & even turned down venues & vendors that were not pet friendly!

He’s more than just a pet, Rocky is their baby & he was SO happy to be included in such a special day in his parent’s life.

We asked the Bride a few questions about including Rocky in the wedding day:


Why did you include your dogs in your wedding?

We have always seen him as our son. When the planning began it was never a debate that he wasn’t going to be a part of the biggest day of both our lives.

From the choice of photographer to the venue it was always the first question we asked, “Are you dog friendly and is he allowed to be on site for the big day?”

We turned down places because our little man wasn’t allowed.


What is the story of how your dogs became a part of the family?

Rocky was a surprise Christmas present from my parents that came three months early. From the moment he came home we were in love! Those snuggles, snorts, cuddles, and big ears were heart warmers for sure.

Soon after he came into our lives Josh and I moved in with each other and we considered our little pre-family complete.

Rocky was the first-person Josh told that he bought the ring and was going to propose to his mommy. Josh says that he was all snorts and smiles of approval.


Did you incorporate your dogs into any other details on your wedding day?

Rocky was the star of the show!

He was the ring bearer that walked down the aisle with the flower girl, and he was a part of our first looks. He also has his own song and was announced with the wedding party. We wish he could stay the whole night!


All dogs are the best dogs, but tell us something that makes your dogs special?

He was the first thing we had to care for together and made us think about something beyond ourselves. He is helping us become better people and caregivers for our future children.


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your dogs?

Rocky is the most expressive dog you will ever encounter. He loves to show his displeasure when you refuse to share your snack or love and care when you are having a rough day.

It feels like he is really listening to you when you talk to him and his little head tilt is the cutest when you tell him he’s the goodest boy!


Photographer // Abundant Grace Photography

Planner // Center of Attention

Venue // Nova 535

A portion of this FairyTail Wedding was donated to Chicago French Bulldog Rescue