Casa Feliz Wedding with Dani & Zizou - Orlando, FL


Dani & Zizou are very special pups with a whole lot of energy! We knew we’d need a lot of time before photos to get exercise with these two. We had quite an adventure before the wedding, full of exercise & new smells. The pups loved stretching their legs & giving kisses to all of the wedding guests. What a wonderful day!

We asked the Bride a few questions about including the pups in the wedding day:


Why did you include your dogs in your wedding?

Our dogs are our babies. They are like children to us and without them there our wedding wouldn't be complete. 


What is the story of how your dogs became a part of the family?

We rescued Zizou from a local shelter in Orlando. We weren't expecting to get a dog that day but when we met her, it was like everything clicked into place. We knew she had to come home with us that day. We found Dani on the internet. She is actually from my home town, Louisville, Kentucky. As soon as we saw how playful she was, we knew she'd be a perfect fit for our little family. 


Did you incorporate your dogs into any other details on your wedding day?

We just knew that we wanted them to be apart of the our day and for us we wanted to make sure to have photos with them in it. So we made sure to include them in our photos. Plus, they got to catch up with family and friends during out cocktail hour... I'm sure they received one too many snacks from our friends as well. 


All dogs are the best dogs, but tell us something that makes your dogs special?

Zizou loves all creatures. She wants to play with everyone and everything around; squirrels, lizards, butterflies. She's a little ball of love. Dani, on the other hand, is a Malinois. They say that Malinois' are a combination of a gator, raptor and a 5 hour energy. They aren't lying. She's all that and then some but she is the sweetest more dedicated dog ever. 


Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about your dogs?

We might be bias, but we think we have the best dogs ever (said no dog lover ever...ha). Our little fur family isn't always perfect, but we wouldn't change one thing.


Photographer // Angela Gawloski Photography

Planner // Blue Ribbon Weddings

Venue // Casa Feliz

A portion of this FairyTail Wedding was donated to Pet Rescue by Judy