4 Tips for Fire Safety with Pets

The heat is rolling in, and it is important to be planned and prepared.

Unfortunately, those hot and humid conditions can escalate the possibility of a fire within our household.

House fires are not something any of us hope to have to deal with in our life time. However, it would benefit us as pet owners to be aware of some tips that could be helpful in limiting the chances of it occurring. Shockingly about 1,000 fires are started by pets annually.

Here are 4 tips on how you can take action in your home today


Candles provide a comforting glow, but can easily turn dangerous. Never leave your pet in a room unattended with an open flame. When we leave open flames available to our pets, we leave room for an opportunity.

Cats can be especially fascinated and may try to explore by either touching the flame themselves, or they could try and knock the candle over. Being cognizant and placing the candle within constant supervision is important should you choose to use one. There is also the availability of battery or electric powered candles that are flameless, but give off the same effect. Eliminating open flames also include those with a fireplace. Make sure your fireplace is protected with a screen and that your pet has a restriction when it comes to their distance in relation to the fireplace itself. 



We keep a lot of cookware and potentially dangerous items in our kitchen. Additionally, our stoves can also be a potential hazard as the knobs can be easily turned into the “On” position.

Covering the knobs on your stove can help to prevent this from happening. Trying to train your pets to avoid the kitchen in itself could also help to avoid any unwanted tools or equipment from being turned on unknowingly. Always make sure to double check after you utilize them yourself that everything has been turned off.


As temperatures continue to rise during the summer months, the sun is doing a good job of heating things up. Many of us want to keep our pets cooled off and properly hydrated when they are outside.

In doing this, we typically provide a bowl of water for them to access. Without even realizing it, we may forget the bowl when everyone comes inside and could be causing a very serious situation if we have used a glass bowl on a wooden deck.

After time, the bowl will heat up and can start to be used as a magnifying glass on the deck, resulting in a potential fire. Something so little can do a lot of harm, so try to use stainless steel or even ceramic bowls to avoid this danger. 


Our electronics are important to us, and if you are like most Americans, there is a high probability that each room in your home has an outlet in use.

Whether your pet is younger or a bit more mature, it is always a good idea to pet proof the rooms they have access to, especially if they are ever left alone. Go through each room to ensure there are no loose wires exposed.

It is also important to examine all cords that are plugged into outlets and organize them to avoid any opportunity for an animal to get entangled. You may want to also properly conceal any wires that could be considered as a tempting chew “toy.” By taking these precautions you are creating a much safer environment for both you and your pet. 


In the event that a fire does occur, you can be as well prepared as possible.

Always check your smoke detectors, leave leashes and collars in a place of quick and easy access, and provide the necessary decal on your window. Should emergency personnel need to enter your home, the decal will alert them that there are pets residing in your home.

Keeping yourself knowledgeable and do your best to protect your home.

By doing these things, it could result in saving the life of either yourself, a family member, or even your animal!