5 Reasons Why Your Dog Makes the Best Valentine

Whether you are single or not, Valentine’s Day always seems to be a holiday that has a lot of expectations attached.

Finding the right place to go to eat or enjoy a special date is on our mind at some point or another. Along with our date, we tend to get ourselves dressed nicely and head out to maneuver our way around all the others that are doing the exact same thing as we are. It can become a burden rather than an occasion truly focused on what it’s supposed to be about-love.

So, instead of dealing the usual valentine chaos, we’re going to fill you in on why your dog might just be your best option to a memorable evening.


1. No Need to Dress To Impress

Because your pet has probably already seen you in all your morning glory, there really is not a need to try dress up to look your best. They have made it abundantly clear that there is really nothing that can alter the amount of love they have for you. A pretty red dress proves to be just as wonderful as your second day sweatpants and baggy t-shirt. You don’t have to concern yourself with making sure your hair and makeup is perfect, or if your lipstick is going to stay on through dinner AND those chocolate strawberries you’ve been wanting so desperately. The truth is, you’re free to be your most vulnerable self and not only be accepted, but unconditionally adored for just being you.


2. You Don’t Worry About Sharing Treats

Especially considering that chocolate is toxic to dogs, it wouldn’t be selfish to keep all the yummy candies to yourself. This obviously can lead to a GUILT FREE indulgence of sweets and maybe even a nice dinner you prepared for yourself. If you do decide to cook dinner for yourself at home that evening, you can include your pup in on the special occasion and mix up something for them as well: rice and veggies, eggs, cheese, etc. The best part however, is that nobody is going to steal your bread off your plate like my date did one year (yes I’m still bitter). You have the control over what you eat and whom you care to share, or not share it with.

3. They Will Stay By Your Side

I remember my friend calling me in tears a while back telling me her boyfriend had just broken up with her. How convenient it happened to be only two days prior to good ol’ February 14th. Needless to say, she ended up watching netflix on the couch with her dog, and told me it was possibly the best Valentine’s Day she had in years. Moral of the story? If she would have just made plans with her dog in the first place she wouldn’t have had a problem to begin with…. But forreal though, your pup is never going to back out of spending time with you or tell you “It’s over” to ditch out of getting you roses or taking you to fancy dinner. They ALWAYS want to cuddle and give you kisses that Lord knows we don’t always deserve but willingly receive.


4. You Pick The Movie

Time to pull up your netflix account and hop on the pet train. Not only do you (again not selfishly) have to NOT ask what movie they want to watch, but you can actually also pick it and not feel like you’re forcing the other person to watch something they don’t want to. All your pooch really cares about are the occasional random doggo extras and the sirens going off in the background. This bone tastes too good to stay interested in the screen for too long. So bring out the tissue box and sappy dramas, let those tears shed if they need to, and know that not one judgement is being placed on you by your furry friend. Aren’t they just the best?! Oh and did we already mention their cuddles??? Maybe, but they are seriously the greatest.

5. They Are Great Listeners

How wonderful is it when you can just share all the things on your mind and not have to hear anything back? Sometimes the peace and quiet really does well for our soul. Need to vent and spill all your dark secrets? Awesome! You can do that because your dog won’t talk back or blow it for you. Unless you have a husky like I do, who is super sassy and loves to howl when she is talked to. Thankfully, none of our guests really know what she is saying to them because she is supposed to keep mommy’s embarrassing admissions to herself. And although she does talk back, she really can’t argue in a way that can be comprehensive. Therefore we can just assume we automatically win, right?! I think everyone can already appreciate this, especially with how crazy the world can be. It’s true what they say, silence is golden, but so is a husky howl “I Love You.”  

So stop by and grab yourself some strawberries to go, so you and the pooch can spend some quality time. Put down the phone, boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, whatever, and just appreciate all that your pet (aka best friend, aka baby, aka everything)  brings into your world. Because, while we only celebrate love for a whole day here once a year, your pup is celebrating YOU every day.

Make the most of this February and all that this year has in store for you!