5 Tips for Including Your Pet in Your Engagement Photos!

If you feel like your engagement photos wouldn’t be complete without including your pets in all the fun, you wouldn’t be alone!

Including your furry best friend makes for the absolute sweetest photos & can be a fun experience for all, however, if you do not come prepared, it can quickly turn into a stressful one.

5 Tips for Including Your Pet in Your Engagement Photos

Marc Edwards Photographs

Marc Edwards Photographs

  1. Bring along a goodie bag with all the supplies your pet will need on your outing

    This could include treats, poop bags, puppy wipes & don’t forget the lint roller! Bring a water bottle & a bowl to make sure your pet stays hydrated, also.

  2. Inform your photographer that you will be including your pet

    Your photographer plans a general shot list ahead of time, so it’s best to let them know your pet will be joining so they can be prepared to include them.

  3. Make sure they are dressed to impress!

    When planning your outfits for your engagement session, don’t forget about your furry friend! Consider bringing along some props to help your pet announce the big news, like a sign with your wedding date or one that says “My Humans Are Getting Married!”.

  4. Choose pet friendly photo locations

    Your photographer can help with this, but just consider whether or not the locations are appropriate to bring your dog to. Also consider how your pet may react in these new environments.

  5. Hire a professional sitter to care for your pet when they are not in the photos

    Typically, your dog will only be needed for a very small portion of the shoot. Hiring a professional pet sitter means your pet be fully occupied during their "off" time & you will be able to enjoy yourself knowing they are taken care of.