Isla Del Sol Wedding with Sparrow - St Petersburg, FL

With bright eyes and a wiggly body, our friend Sparrow almost couldn’t contain his excitement for his parent’s big day!

We met him at the Sirata Beach Resort, where he was waiting to begin our adventure. After walking around the property and saying hello to some family members, Sparrow went to see his mom while she was getting ready. It was hard for him to not steal all the attention from the ladies, and easy for him to help ease all their anxieties. 

After many kisses and lots of snuggles, Sparrow decided he should grace the groom with his presence as well. When we arrived, Sparrow was happy to hang with the guys and gushed with excitement when he saw his dad. Before we knew it, the time had come to load up and head over to Isla Del Sol.


Sparrow was able to witness the joy on Matt’s face when He saw Carly for the first time, and he even got to join in on the memory by posing in his tuxedo for pictures with them. 


Sparrow did such a wonderful job down the aisle during the ceremony and was also able to be a part of the introductions following. He was so sweet and had a smile on his face throughout the entire day.


His family and friends loved spending time with him and Matt and Carly couldn’t have imagined their special day without their baby!

Here is what the Bride said about including Sparrow in the wedding day!

Why did you include your dog in your wedding?

We wanted to include Sparrow in our wedding because he really is apart of our family.

Besides moving in together, getting Sparrow was a major step that Matt and I took together. He completed our little family from the moment we got him. It wouldn’t have been our wedding without him there!

What is the story of how your dog became a part of the family?

It all started with our typical weekend to the local diner for breakfast. It was a Saturday morning and we were sitting at the breakfast just chatting. Matt brought up the idea of getting a dog many times, but this time he brought it up again with a hard push! We researched breeders at the diner and ended up calling her once we got in the car. There was no turning back after that call!

It seems like it was fate because there was actually a very long waiting list for Sparrow. I was bummed out because I was so excited about getting a dog! Turns out, someone dropped out of the waiting list and we were next! We ended up getting our precious little puppy a couple months later instead of a year later! 

Did you incorporate your dog into any other details on your wedding day?

It was important to us to include sparrow as much as possible. The most important being pictures.

It’s funny because most of the photos we printed in our house have sparrow in them from our wedding day!

Sparrow also walked down the aisle, celebrated at the reception with us (he made his grand entrance with us!), and then went back to the hotel where we continued the after party!

All dogs are the best dogs, but tell us something that makes your dog special?

It’s hard to choose one specific thing that makes Sparrow special. He isn’t just any ordinary dog. He’s our dog.

He really has changed our lives.

Sparrow is special because he can always sense when something is wrong. Whether that is a kiss, a lick, or a cuddle- he is always there for us! He also is very vocal and loves making funny noises when we come home. He has a heart of gold and really just wants to be everyone’s best friend. He definitely is a people pleaser. Believe us, it’s unlike any other noise you’ve ever heard!

Also, he loves to watch TV with us! His eyes are glued to the screen! He usually gets mistaken for a teddy bear, but he’s not, he’s our baby Sparrow! 

10% of this FairyTail Wedding was donated to // PAWS For Reading

Photographer // Monika Gauthier Photography

Planner // Kimberly Hensley Events

Venue // Isla Del Sol