Giving Thanks! - National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

Giving Thanks!

National Animal Shelter Appreciation


Often times I ask myself where I would be without my animals, and I’m sure others have done the same.

The amount of love and dedication that they have brought into our lives can’t be surpassed. I try and remind myself to show them the gratitude that they deserve on a daily basis, and also share in appreciating those who take time to volunteer to care for and even train the animals who are not yet as fortunate to have a current furever home.

The animals in shelters have so much love to give, and many times there are many more animals coming into the shelter than being adopted out. Who are the marvelous people that take care of the fur babies in need, and what makes these shelters so special?


It’s important to know that not all shelters are the same.

There are many differences, including that some are government-run and others happen to be private facilities. Ultimately the goal is to take in animals that are in need and help to rehabilitate them, while a search for a happy home continues. The shelters that make most of a positive impact, is that run by all professionals and is able to treat and care for sick animals. This includes being able to provide a clean environment for them during their rehabilitation process / temporary housing with the shelter.  

Funds, regardless of how the facility is run, can often run low. Because of this the shelters rely on the community for support to help them to continue to run as best as they can.

We have previously discussed how you can help to save the animal world, and volunteering for shelters was one of those ways. Both Ilana and Kelly and some other of our FairyTail pet sitters volunteer their time with Suncoast Animal League. Suncoast is a non-profit organization that is a no-kill environment and works to find animals a place where they belong. Because the facility is a mere 1,700 sq ft, they rely on foster families a lot since they can not house all of the animals on the property itself.


Because each shelter is different, requirements are also independent to each one’s needs.

If you have been interested in helping with a local shelter, no time is too late. They are always in need of extra help. The unfortunate situation at hand is, that these shelters are only needed because of our own human neglect and negligence. A lot of animals are either abandoned or a result of puppy mills/ irresponsible breeding. The animals are helpless without the shelters and volunteers themselves.

Special needs shelters are also a part of the many shelters up and running throughout America.

These shelters are made available to help the fur friends who have a little bit more of a need than others. These special needs shelters include care for felines who may have feline leukemia virus or even immunodeficiency, such as Big Sid’s Sanctuary.

Others specialize in taking in animals with disabilities or elderly animals. At Bright Haven, there are also holistic approaches to treatment and education centers available to help those that are interested in learning more so they can be of help as well.

There are even shelters for the blind and for the critters that are unwanted, including exotics, reptiles, and farm animals, such as Fallin’ Pines Critter Rescue.

The first week of November is National Animal Shelter Appreciation and we want to take time to recognize those that take it upon themselves to make a difference in our community and to help the numerous animals in need.

Without you, there would be a whole lot more pain and hurt surrounding us and the kind hearted fur babes, that want nothing more than to give their all to a family where they belong. Continue to go out and make your mark however you can to be a part of this awesome cause. It can be in a way of your own, or you could reach out and see what is needed/necessary to keep things running as smoothly as possible. Either way, you are making a difference in the life of an animal!