Gasparilla Inn Wedding with Rosco - Boca Grande, FL

Lisa reached out to us a couple weeks before her destination wedding on Gasparilla Island in Boca Grande, FL because traveling without her "hunny bunny", Rosco, was totally out of the question!


Her & her fiancé, along with their family & friends spent the week on this gorgeous island before the wedding. They had activities planned and knew they would be pretty busy throughout the week & with this in mind, asked us to travel with them to give Rosco an adventure of his own! We even brought our significant others for some added fun on this awesome 'work-cation'!


We'd never been to Gasparilla Island, but quickly made ourselves at home along the beautiful white, sandy beaches. Making sure Rooski (as we came to know him) was as happy and comfortable as possible was our top priority. Him & his momma have quite a special bond & we knew it was hard for him to be away from her & in a new place at that, which is why we filled our days with long walks through the town, sandy strolls at sunset, wiggles down Banyan Street, golf cart joy rides & relaxing in our cottage at the charming Gasparilla Inn!

We, of course, got some of the most amazing GoPro footage of our adventure, so make sure you check out Rosco's FairyTail Adventure video!

Lisa knew that Rosco would be nervous if he was a part of the ceremony, so we helped to include him in the special day in other ways! We greeted guests from the front porch of the Gasparilla Inn as the checked in, spent some time with the bride & family as they got ready & helped him pose for photos during formals.

Lisa & Dan took some of their portraits on the magnificent harbor side golf course behind the Inn. We were resting in the cottage with Rosco when we got a call from their photographer, Marc Edwards, that they were ready for Rooski. We walked him to the golf course & when Rosco caught eye of Mom & Dad he had only one thing on his mind, a man on a mission & we (with permission) let him live out his dreams & run full-puggle speed towards his family! (Check out minute 2 of Rosco's GoPro video to witness this epic reunion in motion!)

Needless to say, we became very close to this hilariously adorable puggle & his wonderful family. This is a FairyTail Wedding we will never forget!!

Professional photos courtesy of the most paw-fect photographer, Marc Edwards Photographs!

If you haven't seen the GoPro video from our adventure with Rosco, press play below & dance along with us & our handsome puggle friend!