October Pet of the Month!

We spent some time with some pretty incredible pups this past month. We'd like to introduce everyone to Sonny, Aiden, Jessie & Carmella, a fur family of the sweetest rescue pups!

When you rescue a dog, they often come with a few personality quirks that you may not fully understand; like Sonny's obsession with water! This guy would choose a nice bowl of water over a bowl of food any day. He gets so excited for an ice cube treat that you can't help but give him another one! He has such a goofy personality and is such a good boy; he is always ready to give you paw or sit for a treat.

Jessie is the sweetest, cuddliest little girl you'll ever meet! When she is trying to relax on the couch and the other pups want to play, she can turn into the "fun police" by barking at the boys to stop. It's honestly hilarious! When her point has been made, she snuggles up to you as close as possible and collapses into your lap leaving your heart melted into a puddle of sweetness!

Aiden is the big goof of the family. He has not had the easiest life, but you would not know this when spending time with him. He is always happy, always smiling, always ready to play and cuddle. When he sleeps, he likes to spread out and get comfy and when he plays he likes to utilize the squeaker as much as possible!

Last, but certainly not least is sweet Carmella, the wise guardian of the gang. We like to refer to her as the kiss monster as she's never shy in showing her affection! She's older and prefers a quiet setting away from her younger siblings, so she spends a lot of time relaxing in bed listening to music or watching TV. She also LOVES going on walks and spending quality time with her human friends!

We hope you enjoy getting to know this crazy fur family as much as we do!