What does a crazy dog person sounds like?

Have you ever caught yourself being the absolute weirdest version of yourself while talking to your pet?


We have news for you... you're not the only one!

Our furbabes love us for exactly who we are and so we have the pleasure of being our complete selves around them- what an amazing feeling! A strange look or head tilt maybe, but never any judgements! This free expression of self, combined with their adorable little faces often leads to a strange mix of emotions; we call it feeling "tense", like they are just too precious that you need to squeeze them right away. It also results in uncontrollable urges to scream from a rooftop how freakin' CUTE they are along with a plethora of other nonsense cuteness ramblings.

We take a ton of video & quickly learned it was best to watch them on MUTE while editing them. However, before we get rid of any footage we can't help but listen to the hilarious, totally not embarrassing, ridiculous things we say in the presence of some of the cutest animals on the planet! 

In an effort to spread awareness of this beautiful phenomenon experienced by animal lovers around the world, we decided to put together a video with a few of our favorites, we call it "Too Cute"!

Hope you enjoy a good laugh!

We would seriously LOVE if you left a comment with the funny things you've caught yourself saying to the furbabies in your life!