Now Offering Mid Day Potty Breaks!

We all know how 9 to 5 jobs are actually more like 8 to 6 jobs - then you add in traffic and travel and you're looking at roughly an 11 hour day! That's a LONG day for you, but it probably seems even LONGER for your pup that is at home alone all day. If the guilt is starting to creep up, we're sorry! We know the feeling as we used to work these long days, as well, while our pups were stuck counting down the hours until they could go outside again.

This is exactly why we are now offering Mid Day Potty Breaks! They are the perfect solution for professionals working long hours, or even for those that will be gone for an entire day. Want to make life easier on yourself and stop at the grocery store on your way home without worrying about getting home to let your dog out as soon as possible? You've worked hard and deserve an after work happy hour without having to stress about how your pup must be feeling at home. Book multiple days or weeks in advance to give your dog the break they need in the middle of the day!

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Mid Day Potty Breaks are available Monday through Friday from 10-4 to allow you to let go of the guilt of leaving your pup for long hours! You'll receive a sweet picture and update of your pup along with a sense of ease knowing your furbaby is being loved and cared for by one our professional pet sitters! As always, a free consultation is included before you book any services! Visit our Pet Sitting page for more details!