Clearwater Beach Wedding with Harper | Clearwater, FL

It is to be expected that like myself, my brother is also an animal lover. When planning the proposal to his girlfriend of 6 years, he asked me if I would help include their dog, Harper, or as she is better thought of, their daughter. I was giddy over the idea. His soon to be fiance, Stephanie, was going to be completely surprised and to have Harper included in such a special moment would mean the world to her.

Of course, SHE SAID YES! Yay! Now, on to the wedding planning!

I was asked to be a bridesmaid, which I was so excited about! Helping Sean & Stephanie plan their big day was a blast, but the best part of it all was that they, obviously, wanted to include Harper!

Including someone's pet in their wedding is always such an extraordinary experience. Their dog is their baby and we have the responsibility of caring for this important family member; making sure they are completely comfortable (& happy!) for their parent's big day. So, undoubtedly, we knew including Harper on this momentous day in my brother's life would be exceptional.

Ilana cared for Harper prior to the wedding, since I was on bridesmaid duty. Harper has TONS of energy & is definitely a vocal pup, so it was important for her to get lots of exercise before walking down the aisle. After some serious playtime, we took her to one of our trusted groomers, Woof Gang Bakery & Grooming, so that she was looking her best for her wedding debut. Harper's a girly girl so she LOVED the pampering. To complete her look we put on our white collar and secured her personalized flower corsage from Florist Fire.

Time for the wedding! Our GoPro was strapped on her back with our comfortable harness and she was ready to capture some footage for Mom and Dad. 

Once the girls were completely ready, we walked towards the venue and when Stephanie locked eyes on her baby from afar, the tears began. She was filled with joy and, at the heart of this emotional day, was overcome with a sense of calm in petting her sweet pup. When Sean saw Harper walk down the aisle, the tension he held broke for the moments when she ran up to him and covered him in kisses. You could feel his nerves subside and exhilaration rush over his face. I was able to witness first hand the great affect that having your dog there for you on such a substantial day provides. 

After a lovely ceremony, the new Mr and Mrs walked back down the aisle, hand in hand, cheered on by their loved ones. Harper was waiting for them on the other side with an excitement that no amount of playtime could have diminished. A beautiful moment was had as their little family celebrated privately. As the rest of the family crowded around the newly married couple, hugs and congratulations were passed around. Everyone that knows Sean and Stephanie knows how much Harper means to them and so in the midst of the applaud, everyone also found delight in congratulating Harper, as well!

Professional photo courtesy of Studio Twentyeight Photography!

Please enjoy and feel free to share our custom GoPro wedding video from Harper's point of view!! & again, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW MR & MRS MARONPOT!