Cross Creek Ranch Wedding with Gracie - Dover, FL

Nicole and Dennon are from Orlando, but planned their special day at the beautiful Cross Creek Ranch.


The property offered so much space to explore with their sweet lab, Gracie, who they couldn’t imagine their wedding without.

Gracie loved greeting both new and old friends before the ceremony, and she took her role very seriously when she walked down the aisle with her dad. The outside chapel presented an airy and earthy feel coupled with tradition. Gracie’s excitement was hard for her to contain, so she watched the ceremony from a distance with her FairyTail friends.


She was happy to join in for pictures after her parents made things official! A huge smile remained on her face as she posed proudly with her flower collar and soaked up all the love from the bridal party.


She gave lots of kisses before heading out, and made sure to check on friends and family to ensure they were enjoying themselves as much as she did.


We are so glad we could help include such a special girl in Dennon and Nicole’s wedding day!

To see more of this beautiful wedding from Gracie’s perspective,

check out her GoPro Video!

Photographer // Sunglow Photography

Venue & Coordination // Cross Creek Ranch

Isla Del Sol Wedding with Sparrow - St Petersburg, FL

With bright eyes and a wiggly body, our friend Sparrow almost couldn’t contain his excitement for his parent’s big day!

We met him at the Sirata Beach Resort, where he was waiting to begin our adventure. After walking around the property and saying hello to some family members, Sparrow went to see his mom while she was getting ready. It was hard for him to not steal all the attention from the ladies, and easy for him to help ease all their anxieties. 

After many kisses and lots of snuggles, Sparrow decided he should grace the groom with his presence as well. When we arrived, Sparrow was happy to hang with the guys and gushed with excitement when he saw his dad. Before we knew it, the time had come to load up and head over to Isla Del Sol.


Sparrow was able to witness the joy on Matt’s face when He saw Carly for the first time, and he even got to join in on the memory by posing in his tuxedo for pictures with them. 


Sparrow did such a wonderful job down the aisle during the ceremony and was also able to be a part of the introductions following. He was so sweet and had a smile on his face throughout the entire day.


His family and friends loved spending time with him and Matt and Carly couldn’t have imagined their special day without their baby!

10% of this FairyTail Wedding was donated to // PAWS For Reading

Photographer // Monika Gauthier Photography

Planner // Kimberly Hensley Events

Venue // Isla Del Sol

100 FairyTail Weddings!

3 Years, 148 Dogs, 3 Cats, 55 Venues & 100 Weddings!


We are feeling SO grateful to be doing what we love, & we’ve just hit a huge milestone! We completed our 100th wedding last weekend down in Boca (side note - we cannot wait to get those photos back to share with you all!) We had such an amazing day & it truly had us reflecting on all of the other incredibly special animals (& couples!) that we’ve had the pleasure of working with!

 Marc Edwards Photographs

Marc Edwards Photographs

To celebrate, we put together this video featuring EVERY. SINGLE. WEDDING we’ve ever done! It was such a cool experience to relive all of these magical moments, & we hope you’ll enjoy them too!